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Join the lavish cocktail party turned murder mystery, set against the glamorous backdrop of 1930s high society, as the death of the host spurs an investigation through hidden passageways, grand ballrooms and into the secret lives of the party’s peculiar guests. This highly acclaimed, award winning event sees amateur sleuths traverse the rooms of Dr Black’s infamous house at Baedeker Wine Bar in Fortitude Valley, in a theatrical re-imagining of the classic board game. Characters come alive as guests decipher clues, search for weapons, and catch the culprit before time runs out! In classic Cluedo style, game cards with the weapon, room, and culprit are drawn at random before each show, ensuring a truly unique outcome every time. Underscored by an authentic jazz band as guests enjoy delicious food and wine, this intimate experience is a rare adventure of immersive theatre that has to be lived to be believed.

Have your next party or team building event with all the excitement, glamour and mystery of Cluedo! The Interactive Game.


Cluedo! The Interactive Game is an immersive experience that begins with a high society cocktail party, complete with authentic live jazz band where guests mingle with the famous Cluedo characters brought to life by Brisbane’s finest actors and improvisers. After a glass (or two) of champagne and delicious catering provided by Wine & Dine Em, the fun and frivolity give way to the discovery of the host’s grisly murder. It is here that the game begins, and the are divided into teams to race against the clock and each other to solve the mystery and catch the killer. 
The teams and their designated detective will search the venue for clues and a series of likely weapons while taking turns to interrogate the characters. The game is a process of elimination, exactly like the original board game, and the team who can work together to crack the case first are the winners!


This event is perfect for team building, as unique twist on your average company event, and with the addition of our special Christmas edition show - an incredibly devilish end of year party!
For an authentically historic experience in a beautiful heritage listed space, we recommend holding the show at our partner venue, Baedeker Wine Bar in Fortitude Valley. The venue’s catering company, Wine & Dine'm, provide tailored food and beverage packages of the highest quality, with excellent attention to detail and options for guests with specific dietary requirements. Otherwise, you may pick a venue to your liking and we will tailor our immersive and interactive event to your preferred location. Generally the capacity of the show is 100 - 120 guests, but can be altered to suit your group’s particular needs.
The event includes the Cluedo characters Madame Peacock, Reverend Green, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs White, Colonel Mustard and the notorious host Doctor Black. To guide guests through the game play we have also offer six police officer characters and one very derisive Chief Inspector to keep everyone on track. The live jazz band consists of two expertly talented jazz vocalists, keys, saxophone, clarinet and an upright double bass. The swinging setlist is strictly era appropriate to maintain authenticity to the 1930’s theme. 


"We offer a unique perspective on events, providing an all-inclusive experiences and a wickedly fun night out."

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The catering is provided to your requirements, anywhere from cocktail style to sit down meals with drink packages. See the website for options:

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